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Derives from the word Graviola Powder. VG Gravicon is powered by Powdered Graviola or Guyabano, which is believed to have anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-nociceptive properties, or an ability to decrease sensitivity to pain. These features theoretically could make the substance useful for treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Graviola also shows anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-cancer properties, and ability to lower blood sugar.


Recent Research
Scientists all over the world are more interested in anti-cancerous and anti tumor properties of Graviola. Research on Graviola started in 1976, when the National Cancer Institute discovered a high activity of Graviola leaves and stem in fighting cancer cell.

Another research followed the initial trial and as a result, the scientist isolated a set of chemicals called Annonaceous Acetogenins. These substances turned out to have strong anti-cancerous and anti-tumor properties.

Acetogenins are believed to slow down certain processes that take place only in cancer cells. This explains their selective toxicity: Acetogenins destroy cancerous cells, but do not harm healthy ones. Futhermore, the researchers from the Purdue University published the statement in 1997 saying that Acetogenins had the ability to kill cancerous cells that did not respond to traditional anti-cancer treatment. At the same time, these compounds had some analogy with the resistant cells.