Mon, 13 Jul 2020 06:21:35 PDT

Mr. Jaime B. Buteng

A businessman by heart, He ventured in the field of business since college. Mentored and trained by skilled business leaders in the industry of marketing to corporate and to manufacturing, His knowledge and experience taught him what He is today.

During his youth and college time, He has been actively participating in projects and community service garnering multiple awards as youth and student leader.

Before He became the Chief Executive Officer of Victory Global, He has been with the corporate world for more than a decade time. Now, he chairs five (5) growing companies.

His abilitiy to lead and inspire led many to become entrepreneurs, and surprisingly, generosity and kind-heartedness is dominant in his character.

Today, his dedication, hard work and smart work are his foundations to act as the "face" of VICTORY GLOBAL and other companies that he lead.